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Volunteering at MESCOT -  Work Involves Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
time of deaths or marriages. There  have been in the past some special  programs targeting the local health  clinic, village school and village  kindergarten, either cleaning,  painting, general maintenance or  student activities.   General Work: The key work that  the MESCOT team carry-out is  work that supports the community-  based ecotourism activities or the  conservation fieldwork. Work  invariably involves a lot of  maintenance, cleaning, and keeping the key facilities and machinery  functioning to carry out the visitor  program and conservation work.   IMPORTANT NOTE: There will  always be a variety of work, and  work can or will involve some or all  of the above depending on KOPEL-  MESCOT's needs at the time. 
Conservation Work: At present  very little of KOPEL-MESCOT's  conservation work is mechanised.  The conservation work is highly  labour intensive and very physical  demanding. Because of this, from  time to time, there is a need for the  overall KOPEL-MESCOT team to  get involved on a voluntary basis,  especially to support the staff and  workers of the forest restoration  and lake restoration programs. This work can involve moving  seedlings, manually cutting or  clearing vines, tree planting,  weeding planted trees, bagging  new seedlings in the tree nursery,  bagging and removal of Salvinia  sludge from the lake restoration  project. There are a number of  lighter (physically less demanding)  jobs such as planting seedlings in  the nursery or observing and  collating data for monitoring  
purposes. Community Work: An important  part of the MESCOT Initiative  involves developing local capacity  to carry out KOPEL-MESCOT  activities. Many of the KOPEL  personnel and the entire  community benefit from these  capacity building activities.   In addition to these activities there  are a number of direct community  focused objectives that the  KOPEL-MESCOT Initiatives try to  support. This includes managing  the local aesthetic environment  through village clean-ups, rubbish  collection, building toilets proper  sanitation, construction of proper  drainage, reduction of potential  mosquito breeding grounds,  helping on village communal work  and supporting other general  family welfare activities such as at  
Volunteers at MESCOT can get involved in various tasks, many of which mean much time spent in the surrounding rainforest helping one of the many steps involved to restore wildlife habitat Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp owes much of its construction to the hard work of international volunteers such as this group from Raleigh International - MESCOT can never repay enough gratitude to these caring volunteers for their hard labours Getting Involved Volunteer Work Stay & Duration Training & Skill
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