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Volunteering at MESCOT - Skills & Training Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo Training Provided On Site  Basic training for work and settling into village life will be provided by  KOPEL-MESCOT. This training includes elements specific to living in  the tropical rainforest, health & safety, and KOPEL's rules and standard  operating procedures. Day to day work skills training will be conducted  on the job as required. This training is usually conducted by KOPEL-  MESCOT staff on the day of arrival in the village, or alternatively the  day after arrival.   Skills Required  No Specific Skills are required for the general conservation and  community volunteer work. Please also refer to the section " volunteer  work involves". General skills such as the ability to work with other  people in a team, adapting to a new way of life, adapting to a variety of  work situations both in the rainforest or in the village environments.  Strong motivation is essential, and the ability to smile and inspire others  will also be key to making this kind of work adventure a success.   KOPEL is also keen to involve volunteers on a “best-fit-basis” and is  interested in any specific skills that could benefit the program or our  people. Specific skills which are still lacking or at very basic level in our  program include accounting, computer IT, English language, soil  science, hydrology, and other biological sciences. Any of these skills  could be highly advantageous if focused in the right way. Please contact  us to discuss how specific skills may help.
MESCOT Volunteers get involved in many forms of habitat restoration such as the removal of Salvinia molesta to restore this endangered aquatic habitats GVI volunteers are an amazing support to the MESCOT Initiative conservation activities as well as general operational tasks Volunteers at MESCOT mix work and play in this local sports competition Getting Involved Volunteer Work Stay & Duration Training & Skill
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