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Volunteering at MESCOT Where you Stay / Duration of Stay Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo Place to Stay  Volunteers stay at Batu Puteh in our village homestay program (Miso Walai Homestay).  Staying with a local host family will help provide volunteers with a fun and added  cultural experience with KOPEL-MESCOT. The homestay program is full board, so all  meals and accommodation are included. There is potentially some rainforest-based  work that will involve staying overnight in the jungle in simple hammock camps - this will  be advised accordingly. All additional camping equipment and training will be provided  by KOPEL-MESCOT.  Duration & Length of Stay  We have no specific limits either minimum or maximum. But for practical purposes,  anything longer than 7 nights would be most beneficial for both volunteers as well as  our program. It will take a few days to settle in, learn all that is needed to learn, before  undertaking volunteer work. If the time is too short it would not be of great benefit both  ways. We have had volunteers stay up to 3 months, however 2 weeks to six weeks is  probably an ideal time-frame to maximise the learning experience for the volunteer and  support for the program. There will always be a variety of work, so the longer the stay,  the more all round involvement and better experience will be attained.  Daily Routine & Work Hours  Daily work times varies depending on the activity. Could involve very early (pre-dawn)  starts. In general, however, the work hours is typically 8:00am to 4:30pm day to day,  unless other wise advised in advance.
Volunteers working at the MESCOT Nursery transplanting the germinated seedlings into planting bags Volunteers interact with local MESCOT team members - all come together for Volleyball Fun Getting Involved Volunteer Work Stay & Duration Training & Skill
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