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Volunteering at MESCOT How to Get Involved Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo What KOPEL-MESCOT mostly requires of volunteers is to HELP and SUPPORT  what ever activities are most needed at the time of visit. This can vary  throughout the year depending on the season and work taking place in the  program. Although we are happy to arrange a special volunteer program that  suits our needs and the special skills of a volunteer, we mostly simply require  additional hands to help on day-to-day tasks as well as special tasks which  require lots of man-power. Work will invariably be either "community  development focused" or "conservation focused" and occasionally "organisation  focused", for example training programs.   The easy way to get involved in KOPEL-MESCOT's Volunteer Initiatives is to  contact one of our Partner Organisations such as Global Vision International  (GVI). These organisations arrange volunteer groups to support community and  conservation work at MESCOT.   There are some key advantages of working with our Partner Organisations.  Firstly they can help with many other practical arrangements such as flights (to-  from home country), visas, medical and other practical requirements. The  programs of these partner organisations usually involve some pre-arrival  briefings and training and can answer lots of questions volunteers might have  regarding the project; practicalities of working with us.   Our partner organisations make all the necessary logistical and practical how to  get there arrangements for you! Because these partner organisations arrange  groups, it can be a lot less worry some and a lot more fun to travel and get  involved with a group of volunteers rather than individually.   Alternatively contact us for more details in how to get involved directly.  
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