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MESCOT Initiative - Links Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo The MESCOT Initiative has for many years supported the  development of community based ecotourism and village homestay  programs throughout Borneo and Malaysia.   We are proud to support the following responsible eco and cultural  tourism programs. If you would like to link to the MESCOT Website please contact  KOPEL office on the following link... 
The Tungog Lake one of only three deep clear water oxbow lakes along the entire Kinabatangan River. This lake is key to preserving critically endangered aquatic eco systems from the introduced noxious weed Salvinia molesta Sabah Homestay Association  MESCOT is a member of the Sabah Homestay Association a volunteer organisation helping responsible cultural tourism Sukang Ethnic Association  This is the official site of the Borneo indigenous ethnic group called “Sukang”, once feared head-hunters..... read more Sabah Tourism Board (STB)  This is the official site of the Sabah Tourism Promotion Board, for travel information on Sabah, Malaysian State NE Borneo.
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