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MESCOT Boat Trips & River Cruises Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo Batu Puteh village has a long history of boat building. River transport  on the Kinabatangan River is central to our “Sungai Culture”. Join one  of our expert boatman on a Wildlife Observation Cruise and be  guided into unique rainforests of the Kinabatangan. We encourage all visitors to take our two-hour Wildlife Observation  Cruises in the early morning or late afternoon for guaranteed  sightings of the Proboscis Monkey, Langurs, Macaques, hornbills and  a host of other wildlife. Visitors frequently also see wild orang-utan  feeding or building their nests in the riparian forest.    Our three large “bagung” boats fit groups up to 15 persons each or  our four 6 person craft are great river runabouts. All boat trips are  shared unless otherwise arranged in advance for individual groups. Wildlife Observation Cruises (2hr) depart daily - 6:00am and  4:30pm Wildlife Observation Cruises are charged at MYR40/person (or for  one to two persons MYR95/boat). Children’s rates for 6-12 years of  age. We arrange a host of other boat trips to the remote Supu Caves,  Oxbow Lakes, or for fishing, research, wildlife photography or  conservation work.    * For more information, other related rates, or to arrange a stay  contact KOPEL Office  
During the wet season these forests can be underwater for up to 3 months with specially adapted plants that thrive in these harsh environments Late evening is the best time to spot wildlife such as Proboscis monkeys that sleep in the Riparian Forest Take an early morning or late afternoon river cruise for guaranteed sightings of this unusual and endemic primate of Borneo Crocodilus waitingtoeatuensis found on most sandy beaches on low water during the dry season There are nine species of hornbill in the forests around Batu Puteh it is not unusual to see up to 5 species on any evening river cruise Orangutan frequent the Ficus racemosa trees that fringe the Kinabatangan River, many build nests and sleep not far from their favourite food sources during fruiting season
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