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Forest Habitat Restoration - Tree Planting Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo The MESCOT Initiative has planted more than 100,000 trees. The  vast majority are fast growing pioneer species, such as Mytrogyna  sp, and Nauclea spp, which also double with leaves, flowers and fruit  that wildlife eat. The idea behind growing a fast growing species is to  establish a new forest canopy and structure as soon as possible to  shade out the weed vines. The important closed canopy structure  supports the other seed-bearing birds and animals, which aids with  the regeneration of a climax forest.    Apart from the fast growing pioneer species, the initiative targets  specific trees that provide fruit for special wildlife such as orang-utan  and hornbills. Wild fruit-bearing rainforest trees planted that are  favourites with the orang-utan include Dracontomelon sp, Artocarpus  sp, Garcinia sp, Diospyros sp, Canarium sp, and Ficus sp. To date  more than 23 species of trees have been trialed and are planted on a  large scale within the forest habitat restoration efforts.   Tree planting is no easy task. All planting material is propagated in  the MESCOT Nursery from seed collected by the MESCOT team in  the surrounding rainforest. Trees are nurtured in the nursery from 4-6  months before being transported in the forest sites for planting. Site  preparation includes de-vining and weeding the planting sites,  sometimes up to three rounds before planting. The young trees are  hand-carried in special baskets up to 4km into the planting sites after  which they are planted. The trees are maintained monthly for the first  12 months after which maintenance is reduced to 3 monthly  intervals.   
The planting mix of (local names) Binuang, Mangkapon, and Bongkol at 2m spacing at the Kaboi Site mid 2008 Kaboi Planting Site 3 months after initial planting 1m spacing MESCOT Initiative Tree Nursery Head (Norsalleh) examining the experimental Colona seratifolia plantings after 5-6 months MESCOT Iniative Nature Guide (Hasimah) tree planting with Japan University Student Group at the Kaboi Stumping Site Dec 2006 MESCOT Coordinator (Rosli Jukrana) examining the 2001 year plantings of Nauclea spp - photo taken 2007 How to Support Tree Planting De-vining Tree Nursery
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