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Forest Habitat Restoration - Tree Nursery Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo The MESCOT Tree Nursery is an significant component of the tree  planting. For the most part scientists had previously never seen the  fruits or seeds of the trees that are being planted today. Utilising local  knowledge of the tree species and forest fruits, seed gathering takes  place in the surrounding floodplain forest on a seasonal basis. Some tree species fruit once a year during what is called fruit season  between August and October. Other species fruit sporadically  throughout the forest at different times. Some species fruit during the  flood seasons December - February. This means that the seed  collecting takes place throughout the year on an ongoing basis. What  ever is in season, makes its way into the nursery to be processed  (seed extraction) and germinated.   Newly germinated seed is carefully moved into soil-filled planting  bags. At times these tiny trees are only a few millimetres in size. The  nursery work is a team and community effort. Sometimes the local  school children help out, other times volunteer groups do much of the  work. The core nursery team coordinate and carry-out the work,  tending, moving and monitoring on an ongoing basis. * For more information, or to arrange a stay contact KOPEL Office. 
MESCOT Nursery image shows Nauclea seedlings 6-8weeks after germination MESCOT Coordinator (Rosli Jukrana) with Forest Restoration Head (Yahya Jafar) at the MESCOT Nursery 2007 The compact MESCOT Nursery tucked in behind the Mengaris Village can hold about 30,000 trees when full, this picture shows a mix of six rainforest tree species planted at the Kaboi Site MESCOT Forest Restoration Head (Yahya Jafar) shows off the germination area of the nursery How to Support Tree Planting De-vining Tree Nursery
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