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Forest Habitat Restoration - How to Support Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo There are a number of ways we seek support and assistance. We do  not seek donations directly. The best way to support is through visiting  our program. We would be most grateful to host your visit as a  volunteer, school group, educational program, or simply as a sight  seeing visitor. The MESCOT visitor program is integral to keeping the restoration work going. The visitor program helps support through funds allocated to the restoration work, and through direct volunteer and student project work. The visitor program also helps fund equipment, boats and the overall  management of the forest habitat restoration program. Without it the  entire program would collapse. If you cannot visit, the next best alternative is to support one of our  partner organisations, which provides funding and other assistance to the habitat restoration efforts. To view which organisations support this program view partners link below.
These village kids from Mengaris Village having some school holiday antics in the MESCOT nursery - helping mum and dad fill the planting bags Vital seed collecting is carried out in the different forest types surrounding Batu Puteh with volunteers and school groups International School Groups learn about forest conservation in 5-7 day educational programs mixing wildlife observation and cultural activities with conservation work The transplanting of trees from the germination trays to the planting bags is vital support work carried out by eco volunteers How to Support Tree Planting De-vining Tree Nursery
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