home about mescot village homestay rainforest eco camp volunteering forest restoration lake restoration Activities Images Rates 1 2 3 These amazing hornbills are abundant in the Meander belt forests around Batu Puteh We call him Ryan he's big, and friendly doesn't seem disturbed by visitors to the Eco Camp It tickled when it landed on me... but oooh! what a beauty! It was quite a treat to see this 9cm butterfly Hidden in Meanderbelt Forest the Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp welcomes those with a keen interest in Borneo's rainforest and wish to contribute to its preservation TREC Boardwalks provide access to the fascinating Fresh Water Swamp Forests and minimise our footprint on these unique and vulnerable forest habitats Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp is hidden in the dense meanderbelt forest adjacent to the beautiful Tungog Lake
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